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1A - Training Needs Analysis

Complete a Training Needs Analysis to reduce training costs
* Prices quoted are in US dollars unless a sale is made within Australia, in which case the Prices quoted are in Australian dollars not including the required Goods and Services Tax (GST)

A structured process that allows for an efficient assessment of the most critical priorities for Fatigue Management training investment.
The analysis identifies priority target audiences as well as the Learning Outcomes required for each high priority group.

Benefits include:

  • Reducing costs of training implementation by selecting the shortest course(s) possible to meet the required training standard
  • Increasing the relevance of the training to the recipients by targeting content to identified needs
  • Reducing duplication of similar content across related training courses by mapping Learning Objectives in individual courses

Variations available:

Standard (for a high-level assessment and overview) and Comprehensive (for mapping training using defined legislated requirements, industry guidelines, units of competency, etc.)

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