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1C - Personal Fatigue Awareness Training

Increase personal accountability with Personal Fatigue Awareness Training
* Prices quoted are in US dollars unless a sale is made within Australia, in which case the Prices quoted are in Australian dollars not including the required Goods and Services Tax (GST)

As our entry-level training programs, the Awareness training resources aim to start sharing critical information about Fatigue Management. The information includes how to identify and manage personal fatigue at work, while commuting and at home.

Benefits include:

  • Support for the development of increased knowledge and enhanced personal fatigue management by employees and contractors
  • Increased compliance with respect to explicit and implicit requirements for communicating about the risks associated with fatigue and how it is managed
  • Improved employee and contractor engagement in their own safety, health and wellbeing

Variations available:

  • Online (Standard, Aviation or Custom-built with client logo, content, etc.)
  • Face-to-face (Standard, Train-the-trainer or Custom-built)

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