Integrated Safety Support
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2C - Risk Assessment Workshop

Create an actionable plan starting with a Risk Assessment Workshop
* Prices quoted are in US dollars unless a sale is made within Australia, in which case the Prices quoted are in Australian dollars not including the required Goods and Services Tax (GST)

A structured conversation with a group of selected stakeholders to create a collective view of actual fatigue-related risk exposures, controls and opportunities for improvement. Covering Task, Site, Work Hours and other Risks.

Benefits include:

  • Efficient but detailed analysis of critical fatigue-related risks on-site as well as commuting or travel when relevant
  • Engagement and capability building of Fatigue Management within critical operational and management stakeholders
  • Completion of a risk profile baseline to monitor progress as Fatigue Management initiatives are implemented

Variations available:

No variations but can be packaged with other Products (e.g. Insurance-level Risk Grading) to increase cost-effectiveness and depth of insights available

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