Integrated Safety Support
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3A - Incident Investigation Support

Effectively identify lessons with our Incident Investigation Support
* Prices quoted are in US dollars unless a sale is made within Australia, in which case the Prices quoted are in Australian dollars not including the required Goods and Services Tax (GST)

An assurance process designed to provide independent insights that complement the investigation process, with a focus on factors such as sleep, sleep inertia, overtime, and fatigue. This service can provide assurance to internal corporate stakeholders as well as external (e.g. government) ones.

Benefits include:

  • Access to globally-respected Fatigue Management experts without the needs for existing or ongoing retainer contracts
  • Leverage lessons learned in other industries and operations without the need to develop processes from the beginning
  • Provide Assurance to Senior Management, Regulators and other stakeholder that the critical fatigue risk exposures are being fully considered

Variations available:

  • Remote support can be provided over the phone and via email
  • On-Site support can be provided in any location for major investigations

To get a quote for Incident Investigation Support, please contact Dr Adam Fletcher