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3C - Fatigue Management System Upgrade

Safely enhance profitability with a Fatigue Management System Upgrade
* Prices quoted are in US dollars unless a sale is made within Australia, in which case the Prices quoted are in Australian dollars not including the required Goods and Services Tax (GST)

A comprehensive-yet-efficient analysis of the essential Fatigue Management system components in place and required, covering Risk Management, training, compliance, productivity and workforce wellness. The service report will form the basis of an actionable project plan for the overall improvement of the Fatigue Management System.

Benefits include:

  • Build internal capability for Fatigue Management while learning and leveraging from globally experienced experts
  • Reduce the complexity of existing or draft system elements by working with the simplest system that is likely to be effective within your operations
  • Develop clear metrics of implementation and monitoring success for the Fatigue Management System

Variations available:

No variations available but can be packaged with other Products (e.g. Enhancement of Fatigue Reporting and Investigation resources) to increase cost-effectiveness of the project

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To get a quote for a Fatigue Management System Upgrade, please contact Dr Adam Fletcher