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Fatigue Management & Human Factors in our 24-hour Society
Fatigue Management & Human Factors in our 24-hour Society

Fatigue Management & Human Factors in our 24-hour Society is the first ever international conference event of its type to be held in the Asia-Pacific region. It is being hosted by Integrated Safety Support at the SunTec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre, on Monday the 9th of December 2019.

We look forward to seeing you at this regionally significant event.

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Why should you attend?

Many safety-critical work environments rely heavily on human workers to monitor, assess, and treat risks. This is true even as technology including automation plays a bigger role in all industries. Humans are not able to be 100% alert and effective throughout all hours of the day and night. It is therefore crucial that consideration is given to our natural patterns when we plan and manage workgroups. The science and practice of Fatigue Management & Human Factors allows for a sustainable balance of factors to support safe outcomes, improved communication and culture, higher profits, and operational resilience. Please join us to hear from international and local experts, while also networking with peers and colleagues in a relaxed professional environment. Tickets are limited so please book your place soon!

What are the Key Topics?

  1. How work hours define sleep opportunity and impact on risk, safety and health
  2. What risk-based Fatigue Management is in practice for safety-critical industries
  3. How people, profits and performance can be enhanced by alert human workers
  4. What measurable benefits can flow from improved Fatigue Management
  5. The critical roles of hours of work rules, technology and proactive initiatives

Who should attend?

  • Safety and Risk Managers & Executives
  • Safety Regulator Managers & Executives
  • Airline Operations Managers & Executives
  • Transport/Logistics Operations Managers
  • Marine/Maritime Operations Managers
  • Emergency Service Operations Managers
  • Oil & Gas and Mining Operations Managers
  • Healthcare Service & Hospital Managers
  • Government & other essential services Managers
  • Safety, Health & Wellbeing Representatives
  • Union/Industrial Representatives
  • Safety, Health & Wellbeing students

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