Alyth Yard derailment

On the morning of the 18th February 2016, a Canadian Pacific Railway freight train derailed 13 cars in Alyth Yard, Canada. The train was only moving 4 km/h at the time, resulting in no injuries.

The investigation report published by the Transport Safety Board (TSB) identified fatigue as a contributing factor, stating “the locomotive engineer was likely fatigued due to poor-quality sleep in the 2 weeks prior to the occurrence and being awake for at least 23 hours at the time of the accident”. The engineer involved had woken up early the day before the incident and was anticipating to be called to work that afternoon. However, he learned later on in the day that he wouldn’t be called to work until the evening. Despite not being sufficiently rested, the engineer did not call in unfit for work due to fears of disciplinary action.

Fatigue Management is a shared responsibility between employers and employees, including factors that are both internal and external to the work place.

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