Are you sleep deprived?

Here’s a very simple test that can help you determine if you are sleep deprived, as featured on

And if you worry about the amount of sleep – or the quality of sleep – you are currently having, here are some simple and easy sleeping tips from Night School Book to set yourself up for a good night’s rest.

Of particular interest is the tip to put down the laptop, tablet and phone two hours before you go to bed. I would add to that – turn off these devices, as anything that beeps is likely to wake you up if you are drifting off to sleep. Also, devices making noises in the night might not be remembered in the morning but that does not mean they have not woken you from a deep sleep into a lighter, less restful slumber.

Finally, and if keeping devices on in your bedroom didn’t already have enough evidence against it, there are the risks of electromagnetic radiation, as indicated in this brief CBS News post.

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