Bad habits affecting your sleep

It’s been a long day at work, you’ve had a few coffees to keep you going and now you’re tucked into bed reading this from your personal device, right?

We hope not!

Bad habits leading to poor sleep can diminish your attention, impair your memory and challenge your decision-making ability. What’s worse, chronic poor sleep can eventually lead to serious health issues.

It’s widely known and accepted that the average adult requires roughly 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night. However, with life’s busy schedule and poor pre-bedtime habits, this amount of sleep is not commonly attained.

Habits that can sabotage our sleep include:

  • Not being active enough throughout the day
  • Exercising intensely too close to bedtime
  • Surfing the web on your mobile device
  • Working in bed
  • Drinking caffeine in the afternoon or evening
  • Late-night meals
  • A nightcap or two
  • Lack of routine

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