Fatigue concern amongst London tram drivers

This week a video has emerged of a London tram driver allegedly asleep at the controls, six months after several passengers were killed in an accident on the same network. According to commuters, the driver remained asleep for several minutes before passengers were able to wake him, while stopped at lights in the centre of Croydon during rush hour.

The Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB) are currently investigating a fatal accident from November 2016, also in Croydon, where a tram entered a curve at a speed more than 3 times than what is permitted, resulting in its derailment. Seven people were killed and 51 people were injured. Since the accident, several current and former drivers have come forward regarding their fatigue concerns. The drivers claimed that they had fallen asleep while operating trams, with one driver alleging that their fatigue was attributed to by irregular shift patterns.


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