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Fatigue Risk Assessment

We can run a 2-hour webinar or onsite workshop, to facilitate a structured conversation with a group of selected stakeholders to create a collective view of actual fatigue-related risk exposures, controls and opportunities for improvement. Covering Task, Site, Work Hours and other Risks.


We use the GRAID Software to benchmark your fatigue risk exposure, plus provide you with a written insights reports.

Benefits Include:

  • Efficient but detailed analysis of critical fatigue-related risks on-site as well as commuting or travel when relevant.
  • Engagement and capability building of Fatigue Management within critical operational and management stakeholders.
  • Completion of a risk profile baseline to monitor progress as fatigue Management initiatives are implemented.

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Additional Information

Variations Detail:

  • There are no variations available, but can be packaged with other Products (e.g. Insurance-level Risk Grading) to increase cost-effectiveness and depth of insights available.

Payment Details:

  • Quotations can be priced in your local currency upon request.
  • Australian Goods and Services Tax (GST) will be added for sales made in Australia.
  • Payments in other currencies can be arranged using credit card or direct bank transfer.

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