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General Info

Can I complete the course on my smart phone or tablet?

Our courses have been updated to be compatible with most smart tablets, but not mobile devices. We recommend you check your tablet’s version, and web browser settings before attempting to complete the course on it. Check that pop ups are enabled in the settings of your tablet’s web browser.

  • If you are using Safari on an iPad you can enable this under Settings > Safari.
  • If you are using Chrome on Android please follow the instructions provided by Google here.

What do I do if I can't see the course or if it doesn't seem to load?

Please check that your web browser is set to allow pop-up windows so that our courses can play. If you are unsure of how to check and configure your pop-up settings, please refer to the most appropriate link for your web browser below. Please follow the instructions and allow pop-up windows for our website https://www.fatiguecourses.com/.

Why is my screen just loading black?

You may see a black screen if your browser does not have Adobe Flash enabled by default.

You can easily enable this in your browser settings. To view instructions for your browser please visit this website.

Once you have enabled Flash please refresh your browser window.

I have not received my enrolment key(s) and instructions. Where can I find them?

Please check your email inbox and also your junk or spam folders. If you are working on a managed network, check with your IT department in case your payment confirmation email with your enrolment key(s) and instructions has been blocked.

If the email still does not come through, please log the issue by emailing FatigueCourses@integratedsafety.com.au and we can verify your email manually.

My Quiz scores aren't recording, what do I do?

Please try again and wait up to 10 seconds after you have completed the quiz before you close the Module/Quiz window. Also please let the main window/page reload to the next page before you click on anything.
If nothing happens, click back to the Course main page where it shows all the Modules and Quizzes, and see if it has given you access to the next Module/Quiz.
If it gives you access to the next Module/Quiz, this means the Quiz score from your previous Module has now been recorded. Please remember to wait up to 10 seconds for your score to record.
If the process doesn’t work the first time or after 2 attempts, take a screenshot of your score and email it to FatigueCourses@integratedsafety.com.au where we can update this for you.

What do I do if my enrolment key does not work?

Please check that you have entered your enrolment key correctly and exactly the same as what has been provided to you and re-attempt enrolling. If your enrolment key was provided to you by an administrator in your workplace please confirm that they have provided you with a valid enrolment key.

If the process doesn’t work after 2 attempts, you or your workplace administrator can forward a copy of your enrolment key and invoice number to our support email FatigueCourses@integratedsafety.com.au so we can help you resolve the issue.

I cannot login to my account, what do I do?

Please check you have entered your username and password correctly. Check that there are no additional characters, spaces or upper cases that shouldn’t be there. If you are still unable to login after 2 attempts please try resetting your password. You can do this online here

If you are still unable to login please email us your details (name, username and email) to FatigueCourses@integratedsafety.com.au where we can help you resolve the issue and reset your password.

Who are the courses suitable for and are they accredited?

Our courses are suitable for individuals and companies in 24-hour industries (e.g. Aviation, Emergency Services, Health Services, Mining, Oil & Gas, Rail, Road & Logistics) who have lower to moderate exposure to fatigue-related risks, as well as for personnel who do not work extended hours or shifts (such as CEO, Board, etc.).

Our courses are not accredited, however, they have been created based on Australia’s Training.gov.au National Register guidelines. For more information about Training.gov.au please visit their website via the following link https://training.gov.au/Home/About.

Our Aviation focused courses, have been reviewed by Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA, the Australian national authority for the regulation of civil aviation) regulators who have confirmed that our courses meet the CASA training requirements, as well as recommended it to clients. For more information, please contact us via FatigueCourses@integratedsafety.com.au.

I need help, I can't get my course/account to work - is there someone I can contact?

If you are still encountering issues, after referring to the above resources, or if you find that the site has stopped working, please contact the Fatigue Courses team at Integrated Safety Support via the following:

Why do I need internet connection to complete the course, why can't I just download the Modules onto my device?

Unfortunately, due to licencing restrictions, you are unable to download our courses and will require a stable internet connection to view the Modules and record your quiz scores.

If you are interested in purchasing a corporate licence to any of our courses so that you can preload the course onto your employees’ devices, please contact us here or email us via FatigueCourses@integratedsafety.com.au.


I haven't received my receipt, how can I request one?

Please check your email inbox and also your junk or spam folders. If you are working on a managed network, check with your IT department in case that verification email has been blocked.

If the email still does not come through, please contact FatigueCourses@integratedsafety.com.au with the date of purchase, course name, number of seats provided, purchaser name and email provided for the purchase and we will resend you a copy again.

The payment screen was slow to load and it appears my payment was taken twice, who do I contact if I need to refund a payment error?

Sometimes the connection and security on my payment murchant can take 30-seconds to a minute to register and process your order. During this time, please make sure you don’t refresh your window/tab or click on the Continue/Confirm button again, so you are not charged more than once.

If your screen continues to keep loading with no further progress even up to 2-minutes, please email our team via FatigueCourses@integratedsafety.com.au with the date of purchase, course name, number of seats provided, purchaser name and email provided for the purchase so we can look into what’s causing the delay, and help process refunds for any additional charges that may have incurred.

After purchasing a course I now have an Integrated Safety Support account and a Fatigue Courses account. What is the difference between these?

Your Integrated Safety Support account stores all your purchase details on our company website which includes all your enrolment key(s).

Your Fatigue Courses account is your training course account where you view and complete all your training courses. If you are purchasing a course for someone else, you don’t need to create a Fatigue Courses account for yourself. You just need to forward the enrolment key(s) and course enrolment instructions to the participant/s and they can register and enrol themselves.

Most of our purchasers are generally training coordinators who are purchasing one or more training course seats for an employee (participant). This is why we have created two systems, so that your purchasing details are kept separate to the course site. Participants will only need to be provided with their enrolment key(s) and enrolment details to register and access their course.

If you have any other information please email us via FatigueCourses@integratedsafety.com.au.

I am purchasing seats for over 20 participants - what is the process for how these accounts will be set up?

When you purchase multiple seats to a course or multiple courses, you will receive a copy of all the unique enrolment keys for each person as well as a copy of the Course Enrolment details. You can copy/download your enrolment keys and complete a mail merge email to each of your participants with their allocated enrolment key and a copy of the Course Enrolment details.

  1. Complete bulk purchase
  2. After completing your purchase please visit your account page at https://www.integratedsafety.com.au/my-account to access your purchase details and a complete list of your enrolment keys.
  3. Allocate enrolment keys to your participants
  4. Copy Course Enrolment instructions (including links to the training page https://www.fatiguecourses.com/login/index.php)
  5. Set up and run a mail merge
    Mail merge references:

If you require additional assistance please email us your name, invoice number and spreadsheet of your participant’s first names and email address via FatigueCourses@integratedsafety.com.au and we can help you coordinate the course key and enrolment instruction distribution.

Can I get discounts if I am purchasing for multiple participants?

Yes, discounts will automatically be calculated in your cart. Our automatic discount tiers are:

  • 1 – 20 students: standard price
  • 21 – 50 students: 10% discount
  • 51 – 150 students: 25% discount
  • 151 – 500 students: 50% discount
  • > 500 students: 68% discount

Additional discounts are available for large volume purchases as well as for frontline and not-for-profit workforces. To discuss the available discounts for your workforce please contact us here or email us at FatigueCourses@integratedsafety.com.au

I like your courses, do you provide corporate licencing?

Yes, we offer corporate licensing! We can host the course for you on our Learning Management System (LMS), or if you have your own LMS you can purchase an annual licence to host one or more of our courses on your LMS.

We also provide custom licencing where we can update our course with your corporate branding colours and logos, and/or add any internal corporate information to the training course.

If you are interested in purchasing a corporate licence to any of our courses please contact us here or email us via FatigueCourses@integratedsafety.com.au.


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