Happy New Year and Safe Travels!

Holidays are one of the most high-risk periods on our roads. Unfortunately, both accident and fatality rates are significantly worse during these times.

If you’re driving during the holidays, be sure to help manage the risks of driver fatigue by:

  • Taking regular breaks (planned and as-required too)
  • Sharing the driving with someone if possible
  • Limiting the length of your drive, or breaking it over multiple days
  • Not driving during the time you’d normally be asleep
  • Making sleep a top priority the day or two before a long trip
  • Ensuring you adjust your plans instead of driving under pressure to reach an unrealistic journey plan
  • Taking a power nap if you’re feeling drowsy, and give yourself at least 10 minutes to wake up again before driving

To help ensure you are not too tired before you set off, go through a Driver Fatigue Checklist.

From the team at ISS, we wish you all a happy and safe New Year!

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