Helping our sleep-deprived teens

Large amounts of homework and busy social (including social media) lives are the reason teens are night owls, right? It may add to the reason, however, biological sleep patterns shift later for both sleeping and waking during adolescence. Also, during this time, teens require about 8 to 10 hours of sleep each night to function well at school, in sport and in life.

The majority of teens do not get enough sleep and although the reasons are complex, an increased use of the internet, as well as staying up late to complete homework would most definitely contribute to the issue.

Recently, a college student wrote about their role as a campus tour guide, pointing out the 24-hour library and explaining that you’re not a true college student “until you’ve seen the sun rise from one of the library’s windows.” There’s a sense of pride or achievement amongst students when they pull an all-nighter.

It is imperative that schools, colleges and universities discourage students from staying up all night and ensure sleep is recognised as a public health issue. Great steps have been taken by some universities around the world to install temporary nap rooms and sleep pods on campus.

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