How to help keep employees safe after work

One thing I really love about my work is that not only do I get to contribute to workplace safety and productivity, there are also flow-on effects that positively impact the wider community.

Think of a transport business with trucks on the road – and how many other vehicles share that space. There are kids being picked up from school. Football teams are heading to the next town to play their arch rivals. Families are returning from holidays at the beach.

It’s not just the truck drivers on company time that need to contribute to road safety. Once a truck driver has parked up back at the depot, they need to be in a state so they can also safely drive their car or ride their motorbike home.

If we know that these drivers are being looked after on the clock and they are in good condition for the commute home, it’s easy to see the flow-on effects. It means that ambulance crews don’t have to deal with so many road accidents, emergency wards don’t have the added pressure of more patients and rehabilitation facilities can deal with other patients instead.

To take it one step further, if there is an accident, it’s easy to see what sort of costs this would have on the business emotionally, physically and financially.

When we remind ourselves that every working is a human being that lives as part of a community, instead of simply a resource unit to be used to its maximum output, many of us appreciate with crystal clear awareness what is ultimately productive, ethical and profitable. In the future such thinking will be common place, but right now very few of us are conceiving of the true web of impact that exists (with both positive and negative possibilities).

Is your business thinking about the bigger picture in this way? 

What programs do you have in place to encourage employee safety beyond the work place?

How openly acknowledged is it that each worker is a member of the community inside the gates and in the wider world?

Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks for your interest, Adam Fletcher

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