Is automatic braking a help or a hindrance?

Automated systems in vehicles are starting to show commercial advantages, with Australia’s NRMA Insurance offering discounts to drivers with automatic emergency braking (AEB).

A recent article on says with 80% of collisions taking place in slow traffic, the technology can avoid rear end accidents without the driver applying pressure to the brake pedal.

It’s easy to see the financial benefit on a fleet of trucks, when a 15% discount on a $200,000 vehicle saves $450 per annum.

However, automated technology can cause problems when there may be a need for a human being to respond further after the initial braking response. If they were relying on the system and putting their attention on the cute pedestrian or their smart phone, they might not have all of the resources they need to respond appropriately or quickly. Also, what happens when a driver who relies on automatic emergency braking technology in one vehicle, swaps to another vehicle without AEB?

It’s these types of scenarios that cause concern when automation and semi-automation is introduced into the workplace.

There is also a concern if the system fails completely as can be seen by this demonstration failure by Volvo .

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