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Things you didn't know about daylight saving time

Mar 28, 2018 ISS Comments (0)

By now, most of us have either moved in or out of daylight saving time (DST). For us here in Melbourne Australia, it signals the rapid decline into cold and dark winter, making us slightly jealous of our friends in the northern hemisphere! However, we’ve been doing some interesting reading about moving into DST, that has made the thought of rugging up that little bit easier!

According to research:

Not all is bleak when it comes to DST! Research has found that criminal activity such as robberies decreases by 7% following the shift to DST.

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Minimising Fatigue in Formula 1

Mar 21, 2018 ISS Comments (0)

The Formula 1 is a race of skill, stamina and endurance, where drivers are behind the wheel of a race car for hours at a time with massive forces working against their bodies. Drivers are susceptible to both physical and mental fatigue, and like most athletes, require adequate levels of sleep, nutrition and recovery to manage their fatigue.

Australia’s own Daniel Ricciardo and his performance coach, Stuart Smith, explain how the Redbull Racer keeps himself in prime condition for racing, by following three important elements:

  • Switching off
  • Training
  • Maintaining Routines

These elements are a great way to help manage fatigue and are not just exclusively for athletes. Smith states that it is essential to completely unwind and get a proper mental and physical break. And for those crossing time zones like the Formula 1 teams, ensuring that you have adequate travel time before race day is essential, to be able to acclimatise to time zones and the environment.

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Does magnesium help you sleep?

Mar 14, 2018 ISS Comments (0)

Magnesium is one of our body’s 24 essential vitamins and minerals, playing a critical role in our health. It activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for getting you calm and relaxed, by regulating neurotransmitters. It also regulates melatonin in the body, which is the hormone that regulates our circadian rhythm


Sleep disturbances are a common symptom of magnesium deficiency. People with low magnesium often experience restless sleep and often wake throughout the night.


Maintaining healthy magnesium levels can lead to deeper, more sound sleep. It can also help with sleep disorders such as restless-leg syndrome. Taking magnesium supplements is a great way to keep your levels up. However, there are insufficient studies that have directly tested the effect of magnesium supplements on sleep disturbances, making it hard to recommend specific amounts. We would recommend taking 100-350mg a day.


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The age of automation

Mar 07, 2018 ISS Comments (0)

The age of automation is upon us. Whether you like it or not, your car will eventually be driving you home from work and your fridge will be ordering avocados from the store because it knows Monday is Mexican night and your tacos must have guacamole!

The advancements in artificial intelligence, robotics, internet technologies and cloud computing are increasing at a rapid rate. In aviation, automation technology has in fact been around for decades and was introduced to increase precision and economy of operations while reducing pilot workload and training requirements. The aim was not to replace the pilot but to reduce the number of human-related errors.

Automation developments are creating workplaces of the future in which people have more time to think and do, while devices run and gather data to complete jobs in quicker time than originally thought possible. Automation is bringing significant advantages in safety and productivity for organisations.

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