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Fatigue Management & Human Factors in our 24-hour Society
Fatigue Management & Human Factors in our 24-hour Society

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Two sleep nerds walk into a bar...

Sep 29, 2017 ISS Comments (0)

This week, Dr Adam Fletcher spoke to Ian Dunican, Director of Sleep4Performance and Researcher at the University of Western Australia (UWA), about all things sleep for on-call and standby workers. Adam and Ian also discussed the upcoming Fatigue Insider Seminar.

There are strong parallels between those high-performance individuals across sports and military, and workers in high-risk industries, particularly in relation to sleep, nutrition and mindset.

To listen to the podcast, click here.

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Fatigue Insider Seminar 2017

Sep 06, 2017 ISS Comments (1)


In the last two weeks we’ve received a series of requests for more information about our Fatigue Insider Seminar, which is taking place in Melbourne on the 30th of October. So, we decided to put this short (3-minute) video together:

For more information about the Seminar, including the agenda and speakers' biographies, please see the event brochure here. Click here to download the brochure.

And don't miss the early-bird registration rate, which closes on the 15th September! To purchase tickets, click here.

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Tour de Fatigue

Jul 24, 2017 ISS Comments (0)

The Tour de France has finally come to an end, with the last few weeks being long and arduous for riders and fans alike. Unfortunately, this stage race has been plagued with doping issues, almost since its inception in 1903. Blood doping specifically, is an illicit process of increasing the amount of oxygen in the bloodstream to enhance athletic performance, reducing fatigue and recovery time. During an event like the Tour de France, this reduction is utmost important to a cyclist.

Authorities have cracked down on doping, significantly increasing the focus on managing personal fatigue. Cyclists have to work with their physiology and manage their fatigue to see performance improvements. Cyclists are now on average competing in fewer races a year, but are also using apps and programs to assist in fatigue management throughout training and racing.

Restwise is an app used by cyclists, which gives you a total recovery score based on numerous factors including resting heart rate, body mass, sleep, appetite, muscle soreness and the previous day’s performance. Programs such as TrainingPeaks look at intensity, duration and frequency of a session and gives you a score within a performance management chart that informs a rider if they are likely to be recovered or not.

For more information, grab yourself a copy of James Witts’ ‘The Science of the Tour de France: Training secrets of the world’s best cyclists’ or contact us via Facebook, LinkedIn or comment below.



Free Fatigue Induction video for your workforce

Oct 23, 2015 ISS Comments (0)

Fatigue is an ever present danger on many work sites.

It can be a silent killer, as its symptoms are not always known to workers or their supervisors. Sadly, workforces that are not familiar with the effects of fatigue can be at significant risk. Indeed, fatigue may only be identified once an incident occurs and an investigation reports fatigue as a contributing factor. 

Integrated Safety Support is pleased to offer this free Fatigue Induction Video to help you educate your workforce. This video is an 8-minute fatigue management program with no assessment questions. The course is designed to raise awareness of fatigue as a risk and the personal responsibility to manage those risks. It is suited to all operational employees and a valuable resource to use during employment induction.

We encourage you to watch this video and share it with your team.

If Integrated Safety Support can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us in regards to other fatigue risk management services that may be of help to your workforce. 

Spreading the safety message with Zurich

Feb 13, 2015 ISS Comments (0)

It was  personally very enjoyable to be invited to be a guest speaker at Zurich’s recent road safety forum held in Melbourne and Sydney.

Considering Zurich is Australia’s largest motor insurer, it was an honour to be approached and participate given the high quality Zurich customers who were invited to attend.

I was able talk to some of Australia’s leading CEOs and other leaders in the transport business regarding the human related risks of their industry.

It was interesting for me to see how receptive the delegates were to improving safety, so I’m looking forward to hearing their results as they implement new programs. A key message of my presentation was the critical need to measure the performance of safety initiatives to help inform future investments. 

A bonus for Integrated Safety Support was seeing that our presentation was picked up by leading publications including:

Crash course in road safety highlights technological threats and opportunities as featured on the Strategic Risk website.

The event was also covered by  Insurance Business Online  with their article: Insurer hosts corporate road safety workshop.

If anyone would like a copy of the presentation PowerPoint pack please email me via

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