London’s Buses commit to combatting fatigue

Transport for London (TFL) recently announced a range of measures to address fatigue among bus drivers, which has been reported as a factor in several incidents involving London’s buses.

In the five years from January 2014, almost 5,000 people were injured by crashes involving a TFL contracted bus and 49 were killed.

TFL said that it would make £500,000 in new funding available for London Bus operators to trial new technology and introduce innovative solutions that change the safety culture within bus garages and increase the focus on driver health and wellbeing.

This includes rigorous fatigue risk management systems for any company operating London buses and fatigue training for all managers. These systems are intended to assess the tiredness of drivers and provide processes for managing and reporting it when it occurs.

A TFL commissioned report on the subject of driver fatigue discovered that more than one-third of drivers had what they described as “a close call” when driving a bus because of their weariness.

This is absolutely a step in the right direction and will likely benefit drivers, operators, and the general public.

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