Mining industry loses much more than brain cells due to alcohol abuse

As I’ve mentioned previously in the blog, the excessive use of alcohol onsite at mining operations is a recipe for disaster. This is not a theoretical ideology, but a view formed by seeing the sometimes disgusting and dangerous effects of alcohol use in mining camps. Just because someone can blow zero on a breath test the next morning does not mean they are not suffering a hangover and posing a danger to themselves and others.

I’ve also read research that’s made me even more afraid of the impact of alcohol in work camps.

It’s a controversial stance as having a few beers after a hard day is ingrained in many work cultures. And, in fact, having one or two is unlikely to cause any issues for the majority of us. However, what happens when the norm is six, or 10?

But the consequences of alcohol and other drugs in the mining industry go much further than just being related to the work site, as can be seen in this article featured on

FIFO fed my addiction – an ex-employee tells all about drinking on the job

I’d like to ask: what are the societal, company, family and individual expectations that contribute to this sort of situation raised in the article and how do we address these concerns at the root cause?

Any suggestions or stories that you can share? Feel free to add to the comments section.

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