Integrated Safety Support

2A - Hours of Work Analysis

A quantitative risk identification process that uses planned and/or actual hours of work to assess fatigue ‘hot spots’. Identification of hours of work with higher fatigue risk exposures allows for more focused and cost-effective approach. For planned and/or actual hours, using the FAID® fatigue prediction software and complementary methods.

Benefits include:

  • Use the pioneering FAID® tool to provide insights about the ability of personnel to access recovery sleep to reduce fatigue within schedules, rosters and actual hours of work
  • Clear identification of potential fatigue ‘hotspots’ to help target risk controls in a more cost-effective way
  • Compare schedule variations or options in a quantitative way to reduce the emotional assessment of work patterns that are common

Variations available:

  • Standard (for a single schedule/roster or a set of basic variations)
  • Comprehensive (for the comparison of a more complex set of schedules/rosters or multiple sets of actual hours of work)
  • Custom (for larger scale analysis, such as all of the work hours for all employees working at a site for a 12-month period)

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