Integrated Safety Support

4A - Sleep, Fatigue & Performance Surveys

If you are not completely clear about the current attitudes, beliefs and opinions about how fatigue is managed, a survey can be an invaluable tool to quickly generate insights. Surveys can target frontline workers, supervisors, senior management or the entire business (including contractors). Surveys of selected personnel using SurveyMonkey® (or another client-selected) platform.

Benefits include:

  • Create a clear signal to your Office and/or Operational workforce that issues such as sleep, commuting, safety, productivity and wellbeing are critical company priorities
  • Benchmark the knowledge, beliefs, options, etc. of the workforce to assess any changes in perception following implementation of change projects
  • Outsource the development, analysis and reporting of the survey to create a cost-effective process while leveraging global expert’s experience

Variations available:

Surveys of Operational personnel allow for the assessment of knowledge, attitudes and beliefs relating to Fatigue Management, while surveys of Office personnel allow for the collection of insightful information about sleep, wellbeing, work efficiency and safety

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