Integrated Safety Support

4C - Technologies to Support Safe Productivity

If your company is exploring the idea of using monitoring technology to enhance alertness, reduce distraction, reduce fatigue and improve productivity then ISS can provide field-tested perspectives about a wide range of technologies in all safety-critical industry sectors. We assist with the expert evaluation and selection (or rejection) of technology options.

Benefits include:

  • Enhance the long-term value of any investment in relevant technology, by leveraging our substantial experience with performance, alertness, fatigue and other monitoring
  • Provide Assurance and Governance to Senior and Executive Management that validity, reliability, accuracy, and other critical assessment components have been considered
  • Generate efficiencies within your workforce using technology while reducing costs of activities that reduce safety, quality and/or compliance

Variations available:

Integrated Safety Support provide expert guidance on Technologies for Operational (e.g. Fatigue Monitoring for Heavy Vehicle Drivers) and Office (e.g. Performance Monitoring of Personnel Using Desktop/Laptop Computers as the primary work tool) usage.

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