Integrated Safety Support

4D - Strategic Support for Automation Projects

Increasing the use of automation often leads to shorter-term increases in operational risk exposures, due to changes in workload of remaining personnel. The workload changes can lead to under-load or boredom, leading to higher fatigue. Or, the complexity of the change can over-load people and make them more prone to fatigue and errors. Our insights lead to management of such risks by considering team structures, break requirements, training etc.

Benefits include:

  • Understand the potential and likely human consequences of increasing complexity, reducing cognitive demands and navigating technology-driven change
  • Develop risk-based models to understand an Automation project’s risk trajectory in order to plan and resource supportive (e.g. consultation and communication) phases of change projects
  • Provide independent Strategic, Assurance and Governance support for Management, Executives and Directors throughout critical and resource-intensive Automation projects

Variations available:

Integrated Safety Support provide expert guidance on Automation for Operational (e.g. Semi-autonomous Rail Driving) and Office (e.g. Process Control) environments

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