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Sleep Fatigue Studies

Studies can be done anywhere in the world and can provide quantifiable measures linking work patterns, sleep patterns, fatigue predictions and performance.

Benefits Include:

  • Use objective and self-reported data related to sleep, performance, fatigue and other relevant measures to build deeper understanding of current work practices.
  • Reduce any emotional opinions about work hours, fatigue, performance, etc. by balancing the conversations using relevant data from your workplace.
  • Use technology to enhance your company’s ability to understand relationships between different sources of data including work hours, sleep, safety metrics, time of the day, etc.

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Additional Information

Variations available:

  • Studies include a collection of objective sleep data using a non-invasive wrist-worn sleep monitor’ devices in conjunction with work and hours of work and self-reported fatigue data.
  • Advanced Studies also include objective performance measures throughout the 24 hour day using the objective Psychomotor Vigilance Task (PVT) tests.

Payment Details:

  • Quotations can be priced in your local currency upon request.
  • Australian Goods and Services Tax (GST) will be added for sales made in Australia.
  • Payments in other currencies can be arranged using credit card or direct bank transfer.

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