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Andrew Boscence, MBusA, BBusAdm, BEnvMgt, GCCM

Andrew Boscence, MBusA, BBusAdm, BEnvMgt, GCCM
Principal of Data Analytics
  • Reporting, Business Intelligence and Assurance
  • Data Maturity Assessments and Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Machine Learning Predictive Modelling
  • Location Intelligence (GIS, GPS, Telematics)
  • Human Focused Change Management Programs

Andrew is a data analytics professional with over a decade of experience in the public and private sectors both nationally and overseas. Andrew brings significant skills in reporting, business intelligence, machine learning, artificial intelligence, automation, big data and cloud technologies. His career includes both working alongside small and medium Australian businesses as well as various international projects supporting multinational businesses with advanced analytics development.

Andrew has worked for oil, gas, mining and exploration companies such as Sinopec and Xstrata providing operational location intelligence solutions. He has also helped Australian Red Cross utilise Census data in their decision making and reporting, developed advanced analytics solutions for Melbourne Water and written machine learning algorithms to automate processes for ALD Automotive (Société Générale) in their 43 locations worldwide. He is active in the global data science community with successes in several global analytics competitions.

Andrew also has significant experience in business analytics. A graduate of globally recognised business schools (IE Business School and the Australian Graduate School of Management) Andrew brings knowledge in change management, team design, data acculturalisation, agile methodologies and data strategy development. This allows Andrew to communicate across all levels of the business, including from the Board and Executive Team to programmers, IT staff and the frontline workforce. The ultimate purpose of Andrew’s work is to enhance the use of workforce critical data to benefit safety, efficiency, compliance and human well-being.