Integrated Safety Support
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Cassie Hilditch, PhD

Cassie Hilditch, PhD
Fatigue Management Consultant
  • Review of Fatigue Risk Management Systems
  • Facilitation of training and fatigue-related risk assessments
  • Development and review of fatigue-related documentation
  • Journal article development/writing

In addition to managing consulting assignments with Integrated Safety Support, Dr Hilditch works as a research scientist for NASA based at the Ames Research Center in California. Cassie’s previous research positions include Harvard Medical School and Brown University in the US, and the University of South Australia.

Dr Hilditch’s expertise relates to sleep, fatigue, performance, countermeasures, and safety in shiftwork contexts. She is passionate about translating and communicating laboratory findings to real-world environments and non-academic audiences. Cassie finds that her work with industry informs critical research questions, and her scientific work clearly informs what is effective and practical within industry. In addition to her work in the US and Australia, Cassie’s aviation, oil & gas, and transport projects have included activities in Europe, the United Kingdom, Africa, and the Middle East.