Integrated Safety Support
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Hamish Elton, BIT, MBA

Hamish Elton, BIT, MBA
Consulting IT Manager
  • Implementation and support of online training courses 
  • Set-up of dedicated Learning Management System servers
  • Development of risk-related decision-support technologies
  • Management and maintenance of IT systems and procedures

Hamish provides IT consulting services to senior management and boards for a select group of small- and medium-sized companies. He ensures that Integrated Safety Support's core IT systems function efficiently and effectively, and guides all IT-related strategy related to client requirements such as those for online training solutions.

As well as having over 25 years ‘hands-on’ experience developing IT solutions, he has a solid understanding of business and business processes having completed his Masters in Business Administration (MBA) at Queensland University of Technology. With a passion for entrepreneurship, Hamish focuses on improving Integrated Safety Support's IT solutions so that they not only fulfil client and internal requirements, but are also innovative and industry-leading.