Integrated Safety Support
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Jill Dorian, PhD, MBiostat

Jill Dorian, PhD, MBiostat
Consulting Statistician
  • Research study design & development
  • Advanced human biostatistics analyses
  • Scientific Literature Reviews
  • Journal article development/writing

Jill Dorrian is an Associate Professor and Associate Head of School in Psychology, Social Work and Social Policy at the University of South Australia. Jill works under contract on projects for Integrated Safety Support and its clients, to provide assurance that data is managed and analysed with scientific and statistical rigor. In addition to designing and developing research studies with Dr Fletcher, Jill leads the management of statistical analysis, including the development of statistical models to test research and operational questions of interest.

Jill’s formal qualifications include a research PhD and a Masters degree in biostatistics. She has expert-level experience working in a range of industries including Rail and Healthcare, and her investigations have covered human fatigue, workload, operational performance, safety and health. She is also the Editor-In-Chief of the peer-reviewed online journal “Eat, Sleep, Work”.