Integrated Safety Support
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Richard Yates, FRAeS

Richard Yates, FRAeS
Principal Consultant
  • Fatigue risk management project planning and assurance
  • Development of corporate fatigue risk management strategy
  • Assessment and audit of Fatigue Risk Management Systems
  • Development and review of fatigue-related documentation


Following over 20 years in the Royal Air Force as a Nimrod navigator and senior operations manager, Richard Yates held a number of executive management positions in civil aviation regulatory bodies in Europe and Australia. Amongst many other safety regulation responsibilities, the regulation of aircrew flight and duty time and rest requirements has been a constant feature in Richard’s civilian career.

Having extensive knowledge and experience of complex operational environments and regulatory regimes in many parts of the world, and possessing excellent communication and organisational skills, Richard started consulting in 2001. His focus is on safety management, including human factors, in all modes of transport. Since 2003 the majority of Richard’s work has been concentrated on the management of fatigue-related risk.