This could be the easiest but most controversial change to increase productivity…

The idea that boosting productivity by starting the work day an hour later might be too radical for some senior managers to fathom.

But research out of America shows that people starting between 9 and 10am can gain as much 1.3 hours extra sleep compared to colleagues who start at 6am.

Well – those facts seem perfectly obvious. But the real benefits of a later start time can be seen in gained productivity, more alert workers (less work accidents) and happier staff (better job satisfaction – retaining qualified and trained staff).

And then there are external benefits such as decreasing the pressure on peak hour traffic, as well as allowing parents to drop children off at childcare and school.

OK, so there are other factors to consider too, but what ideas might flow out if we think a bit bigger about the solutions for the challenges for workers in extended- and 24-hour industries?

The University of Pennsylvania conducted the study after researching the sleep habits of nearly 125,000 respondents, with this article featuring on and The Huffington Post.

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